Components for JSF/RichFaces!

The RichFaces standalone javascript widgets used with JSF/RichFaces

Here we have a JSF Component built using the RichFaces Bootstrap "pickList" javascript widget that, used to select/sort items from a list.

The RichFaces Bootstrap Sandbox project wraps the jQuery plugin as a JSF component, and is used in your JSF applications via the facelet syntax:

<b:pickList id="picklist"
<f:selectItems var="capital"
itemLabel="#{}" />
<f:converter binding="#{capitalsConverter}" />
  1. Juneau
  2. Phoenix
  3. Little Rock
  4. Sacramento
  5. Denver
  6. Hartford
  7. Dover
  8. Tallahassee
  9. Atlanta
  10. Honolulu
  11. Boise
  1. Montgomery