Components for a polyglot world!

A demo application demonstrating the use of RichFaces standalone widgets to create a "polyglot" application using both JSF/RichFaces, GWT/Errai, and HTML 5/Aerogear.

Consistent L&F

Write "polyglot" web applications with both a consistent Look & Feel, and access to the rich set of enterprise-grade widgets you've come to expect from the RichFaces project. In this demo, the same RichFaces Sandbox picklist component was used in a JSF, GWT and HTML 5 application.

CDI Programming model

Use the pickList component to make a selection on one of the demo pages, then click the submit button. On navigation to one of the other demo pages, you'll notice the state persisted. This demonstrates how we can leverage CDI to provide a common programming model across all our web frameworks.

Integrated Ajax Push

Open each page in a separate window to witness selection updates synchronizing the pages in real time. Taking advantage of RichFaces push, the Errai CDI bus, and HTML 5 Server-Sent-Events in each of the respective frameworks provides incredible power in keeping our "polyglot" webapps in a coherent state.